Ayumi Kinomoto (Kinomoto Ayumi)

is one of the main characters of the manga series of Yuki Adventure XP. She is a female fighter of Sunshine Island, knows medical fighting techniques, and a member of Team Tetsu.

Her BackgroundEdit

During her early life years in the Fighter's Academy, Ayumi was bullied a few times by other girls probably because of beautiful looks. Her long hair ,her big green eyes, and her warming smile. Very few people acknowledged her (one was Yuki Takahashi) as she tried to fit in with many other popular girls. Julie Kucho, one of two people realizing this, (the other one, Sumi Sukiyomi who was a rival with Ayumi even at this age) helped Ayumi by giving her a rose that Julie used as a way of drawing attention to the cuter features of herself which helped Ayumi overcome her insecurity. The two became best friends and Ayumi grew more confident, developing her own unique personality under Julie's guidance. Despite that, the two were both infatuated Shinji Tajima and upon finding that out about eachother, they still were good friends even though they did try to find a few ways for Shinji to like either one of them.

Her PersonalityEdit

Ayumi is very confident in her appearance and sexiness, (as she uses her sex appeal to get herself out of trouble.) exuding a certain amount of vanity. Other than that, she is very loyal and caring to all her teammates and when they start to lose a battle, she won`t give up by any means to protect them. At the start of the series, Ayumi had a deep infatuation for Shinji Tajima, rooted primarily in his good looks, cunning, cool attitude, and prodigious talents. For that reason, many of many of Ayumi's early appearances are dedicated to her continuing efforts to win his affection. As the story progresses, she begins to recognize that Shinji really has imperfections, and develops a more sincere desire to be there for him but as time goes by, Ayumi gets over Shinji (especially because she wants Julie Kucho to be with him instead of her) and begins to have a small crush on Yuki for many reasons. (weird because Yuki started liking ever since he first met her but she had never returned his love) Ayumi used to think that Yuki was a talentless idiot who deliberately tried to ruin her life, (when they were put on the same team with Kenta Zashi) the result of Yuki's efforts to win her heart interfering with her similar efforts with Shinji. However, as the story progresses and Yuki continuously shows his worth as a fighter as well as his dedication to his team-mates, Ayumi realizes that her initial perceptions of him were wrong. As the 2 grew older (at the ages of 15), Ayumi learns about the various hardship Yuki has to live with: The curse mark sealed inside of him. Saddened by the impact both forces have had on his life, Ayumi becomes protective of Yuki and tries to do whatever she can to help him overcome that obstacle. Ayumi then developed a deep friendship with Yuki, due to their spending a lot of time together. As the story kept going on, Ayumi hides her feelings of Yuki by beating him up when he acts perverted or when he acts stupid. Ayumi can have a rather violent attitude sometimes (only towards Yuki and Kenta) but is really nice when you get to know her. It should also be noted that she was the only other person who had ever shut Yuki and Shinji up without beating them. Yuki and Shinji have seemed a little scared of her when she's under the weather, even if Ayumi's powers aren't as strong as theirs. Despite this superficial attitude, Ayumi is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with her friends.

Her AppearanceEdit

Ayumi posseses green eyes, black hair, (that is mostly in a high or low ponytail) and like most of the female characters, she also has large breasts. Unlike almost all other characters, Ayumi does not consistently wear the same type of clothes. Her clothes practically change eveytime. Her most common outfit though is a orange spaghetti strap top which has a yellow star that was made right between her breast. She almost always skirts all the time but her main skirt is her yellow jeans skirt. Also, she never wears a bra. Due to the extremely sexy underwear she wears, the rest of the team always get shocked when they find it. (How and why they find it is because they look for her in the drawers, her laundry basket and her bathtub, along with every possible nook and cranny they deem appropriate).