Kenta Zashi (Zashi Kenta)

is one of the main characters in the manga series of Yuki Adventure XP. He is a 15 year old fighter of Sunshine Island and uses speed as his main fighting style. Along with Yuki and Ayumi, he is a member of Team Archie.

His Background Edit

During his time in the Fighter's Academy, Kenta proved to have no talent whatsoever so he was mocked by his peers because of this. Even his teachers labeled him as "just another failure", and later the "Dead-last" of his graduating class. Kenta persevered, focusing on learning techniques that use speed. When Kenta eventually graduated, he was added to Team Tetsu. During the team's first meeting, he vowed to become a splendid fighter that specialized in speed. Both Yuki and Ayumi didnt think that idea made any sense and told him to change his mind about that but Tetsu on the other hand, took a special interest in Kenta. He encouraged him to keep at it and in time, began teaching him powerful forms of speed techniques and hand to hand combat.

His PersonalityEdit