Shinji Tajima is one of the main male protagonist in Yuki Adventure XP. He was introduced as a lonely fighter who usually did everything and fought for himself but later joined Team Yuki.

His AppearanceEdit

Shinji mostly wore a tan colored, high collared, short-sleeve jacket in the beginning of the series and in his first appearance as a character. He wears black pants and sometimes wore a black belt around his waist. He always wears his long brown boots in almost all his appearances. He has black pupils and and his body is toned and really muscular. His black hair consist of two layers. The first layer of hair is the front all one his forehead, and his second layer is the straight hair tied up with a ponytail.


Shinji has a laid back, cool boy, easygoing personality, but he will often get serious when the time calls for it. He and Yuki Takahashi have a friendly rivalry, and while they can often be seen fighting one another verbally or physically, they are actually concerned about each other. Shinji was cheerful but very reckless when he was younger. His attitude changed to be a very serious guy after the loss of his mother when he was really young. He has attained a more cautious attitude towards life and deals with problems carefully. He is really concerned about his comrades and is truly loyal towards them. Shinji tends to trash talk every now and then, especially to his opponents but other than that, he is very respectful to those older than him. Shinji is also really close friends with Ayumi. According to Look-a-like Shinji, who not only copies one's looks and abilities but also one's thoughts by using Copy chi, Shinji's's opinions about Ayumi is as follows:

  • A new person to him.
  • Looks pretty darn cute.
  • Possesses some skill.
  • More naive than she appears to be.
  • Ice Chi User.

Shinji is also really close friends with Julie and Kenta as they're all on his team. He possibly has feelings for Julie.

His Childhood Edit

Shinji was born in Delfino Island and his mother was friends with Shimira Takahashi, Yuki's mother. During the Second Great Fighter World War, his father went to go fight in the war but eventually never came back and the news spread to them from Kamichi Takahashi that he was killed. Before the war was over, Shinji's mom caught a uncureable disease that attacks the heart and died a week after the war was over. After both of Shinji's parents died, his happy, cheerful attitude changed into a dull, mean, serious, hard-to-get one.

Arcs he appeared in Edit