&nbsp Yuki Takahashi (Takahashi Yuki) is the title character and main protagonist of the series. Although he is only 16 years old in the beginning of the manga, he is extremely skilled and learned to control Vermillion chi in a few days which took previous users more than 3 weeks. He is probably one of the strongest fighters in the whole series. He is one of 3 sons of Kamichi Takahashi and Shimira Takahashi, a member of Team Tetsu, and a host of the Awakened Spirit sealed within him.

His Background Edit

Yuki was born as one of the 3 sons of the handsome, Kamichi and the beautiful Shimira Takahashi as Yuki's other 2 brothers were Komaru Takahashi and Akiro Takahashi. Before his birth, Yuki got his name from his great-great grandfather, Kaminari Takahashi from his mother's side. Both of parents hoped that he will became as succesful and respected as Kaminari was as they were aware that he inherited the Awakened Spirit from him and people would not view him as a monster but as a hero. Yuki wasnt the only one who had the Awakened Spirit within him when he was born. His older brother had, Akiro, also had half inside of him. Other than that,Yuki had a very good childhood with his younger brother, Komaru, and his parents until one night when his mom just gave birth to Komaru after the Second Great Fighter World War, Win attacked them. Kamichi managed to save his family and defeat Win but he and Shimira sacrificed themselves for their sons and Shimira's Mom. Shimira died immediatly after being stabbed by Win's summoning bull but Kamichi managed to completely seal Yuki's Awakened Spirit in him but if the seal were to break, Kamichi and Shimira will appear to Yuki and Kamichi will seal the spirit back in Yuki. Yuki and Komaru then had a terrible childhood after their parent's death and had to steal food to eat for a living. Their goal back then was to become the strongest fighters in their island so they can never let anyone that they really love to die right in front of their faces and to get some respect.

His Appearance Edit

Yuki's most prominent features are his spiky, black and orange-colored hair and his red jacket. His pupils are dark ocean blue.Yuki is also of regular height (for a young man), and his body is toned but not noticeably muscular. Throughout the series, Yuki's outfit consists of a dark red jacket with a drawstring bookbag around his shoulder and a sky blue wristband on his left wrist and his Fighter's Watch on his right wrist. He always wears his baggy, brown, cargo shorts, short white socks, and white shoes with a red stripe along the middle.

His Personality Edit

Yuki has a carefree and reckless nature and, is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He has a particularly close, and competitive relationship with fellow members, Shinji Tajima and Kenta Zashi. With Shinji, he has a very competitive relationship, and although they scoff at being called friends, they sometimes act as such. They often get into petty arguments (over things as simple as who won a pillow fight) that usually lead to physical confrontation. Nevertheless, one of them will always help the other when they're in trouble. With Kenta, they always fight with which one of them Ayumi likes the most even though Ayumi doesnt like neither of them as boyfriends. Despite it was never explored yet but it was implied that Yuki, Kenta, and Julie are very close to each other, while staying at Ayumi's house, Julie revealed that her, Yuki,and Kenta used to take baths together when they were younger. Yuki befriends Ayumi rather quickly, considering her a friend and willing to team up with her only after a few days of knowing her. The first time he saw her though, he had a big crush on her. As a simple-minded character, he thinks things through in a straightforward manner that usually involves taking things "head on" which can aid him, usually accidentally. Even when faced with obvious or previous hostility, he rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy, usually seeing the good in them. He also feels compassion for his enemies; the ones that mostly have sad chilhoods like his brother, Hayate Takahashi. However, this is not a ubiquitous feeling as he can direct considerable fury at any particularly super evil enemy. Yuki constantly tries to prove his strength to others. In the past, he has challenged Ogido to a numerous duels only to be defeated without even landing a hit. This need for showing his power is common in the series. For instance, after getting beaten by Sajin in their first encounter, Yuki thinks about nothing else but getting his revenge. Due to his continued desire for battles,Yuki develops and later shows great wit in battle, quickly identifying his opponent's weaknesses and forming strategies to block the plans of his enemies, even at times defeating enemies with just his wit and trickery without throwing a punch. Yuki also seems to be very stubborn, disrespecting elders and some grown ups. Other than that bad thing about him, Yuki hates to see people (especially his friends) cry and always swears under any means in any situation, to keep a promise he made. Yuki, Ayumi, and Kenta are the closest of friends since they were little and have always been part of the same team, and are always going on missions together. Yuki and Kenta also always break into Ayumi's house and stay there saying her house is more comfortable than thier's. Yuki does this the most though, much to Ayumi's annoyance. Since Yuki and Ayumi's initial meeting, the two have come to form a very close relationship. Yuki would always go rescue Ayumi whenever she finds herself in trouble. He saved her when she was captured by Hitoshi and taken prisoner and brutalized by Sajin. Also when he heard that Ayumi is about to be executed, he got angry and threatened to kill the guards if they so much as touch her. Ayumi was also Yuki's first crush.

Arcs he Appeared inEdit